Jack B. Badd / Jackie
aka Kyra (from sequel Chronicles of Riddick)
aka Audrey (from novelization/original script)

"Probably get you right here... right under the jaw, and you'd never even hear him coming.  Cause that's how good Riddick is."

"So... I guess something went wrong ?"

< "RIDDICK !" >

"Where the Hell can I get eyes like that ?"

"So can I talk to him now ?"

"What ?"

"He's f@#$%&g right."

"Where's Riddick ?"

"Why they do that ?  Make that sound."

"You mean tonite- with all those things still out there ?"

"I just thought it be better if people took me for a guy."

Don't you cry for Johns... don't you dare.

"Why's he still out there ?"

"He's not coming back... is he ?"

"Never had a DOUBT !"

"I know where I'd start."

"Riddick what are you doing ?"

"Can we just get the Hell out of here now ?"

" 'lotta questions, whoever we run into..."

"...could even be a Merc ship."

"So what the hell we tell them about you ?"
Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Stranger Things